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Amplid BONKADELIC freeski síbot


115 cm

Eredeti Ár: 13 990 HUF

5 596 HUF

13.99 EUR


The Amplid Bonkadelic pole is a premium aluminum pole that's very lightweight but very durable. It has everything you need out of a pole such as a cozy rubber grip, an adjustable nylon strap and a medium wide basket that's great for all snow conditions. Poles are that piece of gear that the quality you can take or leave but in this case you will be remorse free, stoked that you bought a nice, new pair of poles.

  • Aluminum Construction: This pole is made of lightweight aluminum, which has a very high strength to weight ratio, and they are quite stiff. But don't get mad when you fall on them and they bend or break. That's the downside to aluminum poles.
  • Rubberized grip: A tacky material aids in grip between the gloves and handle (grip) of the poles, so you don't loose, uh grip.
  • Adjustable Nylon Strap: A nylon strap with easy adjustment ensures the poles don't get away from you after jumping off that big cliff on the backside of the mountain. Or with some imagination, they can help you carry a pair of skis.
  • All-Mountain Baskets: Baskets that are big enough for powder and small enough for groomers. Basically they are a medium size that will get the job done well enough in any terrain or conditions.


  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Grip: Rubber
  • Strap: Nylon/Adjustable
  • Tip: Standard
  • Baskets: All Mountain Baskets
  • Extra Baskets: No 
115 cm

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