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Loaded JEHU V2 csapágyszett távtartóval


Eredeti Ár: 7 990 HUF

6 392 HUF

18.29 EUR

Áraink 27% ÁFA-t tartalmaznak

Termékkód: LDDJPV2BS

The new Loaded Jehunion Bearings (version 2 of our original Jehu bearings) feature extended inner raceways to eliminate the need for separate spacers and speed rings. Crank them all the way down and keep your setup tight.

Most importantly, they are now pink.

• Rubberized steel shields for durability and ease of maintenance
• Highest-grade chromium steel
• Interior step ring to maintain constant lubrication
• Developed and tested for the speed, durability, and the rigors of performance longboarding
• Bearings made in China using Japanese grease and lots of love.
• Packaging made in Taiwan.

And Jehu rode (his chariot) and went to Jezrael, because Joram lay there. And Achazyah the King of Judah came down to see Joram. And the watchman stood on the tower in Jezrael and saw Jehu's band as they came and he said, "I see a group." And Joram said, "send a (horse) rider out to meet them and ask (if they come in) peace?" And the horse rider went out to meet them and said, "the king asks (if you come in) peace?" And Jehu said, "What is peace to you? Turn away." And the watchman reported that the messenger reached them but did not return. So they sent a second horse rider. He came to them and said, "the King asks (if you come in) peace?" And Jehu said, "What is peace to you? Turn away." And the watchman said, "he came to them and did not return. And the riding style is like that of Jehu the son of Nimshi -- for he has a furious riding style." And Joram said "get ready."


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