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Info sheet for warranty process


Please fill the sheet with below details and email it to us to, with additional pictures of the item as below described.

  - Customer Name:
  - Customer Email address:
  - Customer phone number:
  - Purchase place:   - Purchase date:
  - Date Item received:
  - Item’s brand:
  - Item’s name:
  - Item’s size:
  - Item’s color:
  - Item’s quantity:
  - Item’s purchase price:
  - Picture copy of Warranty sheet received by the item or receipt/invoice
  - Description of the issue of the item for warranty process:


  - How long it has been in use?:
  - Pictures as below described (picture size between 500kb and 3MB)

  1. Full view of the item (for bindings both pairs)
  2. Item’s bottom full view
  3. Serial number on item (wakeboards, boards, bindings)

(for wakeboards these are usually between the inserts, or near by them. Bindings and more items comes with a small square warranty sticker by wakeshop with 5 digits number).

  1. Close picture of demage, break 1st
  2. Close picture of demage, break 2st
  3. Copy of warranty sheet