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About Us

Cégnév: Everride Kft.
Cégjegyzékszám: 19-09-509501
Bejegyezte: Fővárosi Bíróság mint Cégbíróság
Adószám: 12794757-2-19
Székhely: 8500 Pápa, Világos u. 14.
Üzlet: WAKESHOP 1037. Budapest, Domoszló útja 16.
Telefon: +36-20-925-3273 (+36-20-wake-brd)

A közzétett bármely cikk, fotó, film és egyéb szerzői mű kizárólag a mű szerzője, illetve a Everride Kft. írásbeli engedélyével többszörözhető,terjeszthető, közvetíthető a nyilvánosság felé, illetve tehető nyilvánosság számára hozzáférhetővé a sajtóban. A szerző és az Everride Kft. a megjelentetett művek írásbeli engedély nélküli felhasználását a szerzői jogról szóló 1999. évi LXXVI. tv. 36. § (2) alapján megtiltja.

We started dealing with watersport equipmens during the early 90’s. By the end of the previous century we got involved with professional wakeboarding. Our roots with the United States helped us to establish further relations with the leading wakeboard industry and professional athletes.

Few years later we opened the first wakeboard specific pro shop in the heart of Budapest (Hungary). Curently we operate a wakeboard retail store in a 400 m2 facility, possible one of the largest and oldest in the eastern European block.

Our first and current Hungarian mother company founded in 2002 and dedicated to serve the Europena market as the agent of our US watersport distribution company. Our American relation provides us the opportunity to obtain unique closeout stock beside the new products. We are continously refilling with discounted products from previous seasons, same time we carry full range of the newest wakeboard equipments as well.

With historical presence in the sport of wakeboarding, we support our custumers with well founded knowledge and a detailed parts facility covering our sales and distributed products.

We are true and Our physical store has each and every products on stock we advertise online.

We are also proud distributors of some leading brands in wakeboarding as Liquid Force, Ronix Wakeboards, Mystic and Bern.


We started to deal with extreme sports in the early 90’s with windsurfs. About that time we also discovered the great experience of snowboarding. A few years later, in 1997 started our relationship with wakeboarding. It was first in the lake Balaton, where we experienced the brilliance of this sport, which offered a real extreme adventure in the scorching summer heat, without wind, waves, mountain or snow. Soon we continued in the wakeboarding Mecca of Florida. Thanks to our North American realtions and our connections to the local hungarian sports community, we started to do business with boardsport equipments.

Since our childhood we got engaged in many sports as active participants and competitors, such as skiing, gymastics, sailing, athletics and ice hockey. Followed by a professional wakeboarding career.

With our pro sports experience and our international relationships be established our company in 2002, the Everride Ltd., which trades with boardsports equipment ever since. Since 2004, we run numerous websites, and in 2006 we launched our own webshop, upgraded in 2013 with english language, which is accessible from all over Europe.

We cooperate with dozens of direct business partners from USA, Cananda, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark. We represent about 30 brands for long years now successfully.

The key to our success is the love of sports, dedication, professional salesmanship and reliability.


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