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ProTec ACE FREECARVE snowboard helmet

Available sizes:


Original price: 55.40 EUR

44.32 EUR

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Product code: PROTEC_ACE_S

Pro-Tec was founded in the early ’70s just as the first urethane skateboard wheels entered the market. This was the huge turning point for the skateboard industry because it allowed skateboards to progress with new and more difficult maneuvers. During this skate progression era, the risk of injury began to increase. Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmets were designed by the same skaters that were riding Southern California’s pools and vertical transitions. They created these helmets with function and aesthetics in mind. The result was a fresh-looking and comfortable skateboard helmet that was intended to save lives! PRO-TEC Helmets Construction Technology Pro-Tec has a wide range of skateboard helmets and pads that fit a variety of skateboarders. The helmets use either SXP (Surface-activated Expanded Polypropylene) or 2 Stage Foam that is Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Certified. SXP Foam (CPSC Certified) is not removable and is connected to the shell of the helmet. It has a thinner padded liner that sticks to the SXP foam by way of Velcro tabs. It includes a multi-impact liner with rebound control giving the liner the original shape after every use. SXP is found in B2 Helmets and Ace Helmets. 2-Stage Foam Liner that is both low profile and lightweight that allows for both snug and comfortable fit on all head shapes. EPS is a certified standard liner that encompasses both a low profile and lightweight helmet. EPS can be found in the Classic, Cyphon, Shovelhead 2, and Auger Helmets. Dri-Lex is a 100% knit construction with Hydrophile nylon fiber that keeps you dry and comfortable with its unique moisture transport capabilities. Pro-Tec Helmets Team Riders Bucky Lasek, Christian Hosoi, Brian Patch, Bob Burnquist, Omar Hassan, Steve Caballero, Lincoln Ueda, Scotty Cranmer, Cory Nastazio, Stephen Murray, Chris Doyle, Alistair Whitton, Ryan Guettler, Scotty Arnold, Andreas Wiig, Tara Dakides, and Danny Kass.

Head circumference:
53-54 cm
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