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Dakine BALACLAVA facemask

Available sizes:


19.42 EUR

Product code: 8680062

  • Mid weight fleece lower
  • Pro stretch upper

Rob Kaplan founded Dakine in 1979 with an innovative surf leash. This led to more surfing related products, which were built to withstand the tough conditions of the north shore surf of Hawaii. In Hawaiian slang, "Da kine" means "the best" and they have made every attempt to live up to that label.

In 1986, Dakine began its relocation to Hood River to be closer to their main markets. Here Dakine could design, develop, and manufacture its famous bags & surfing accessories. Now in the heart of the Columbia Gorge and at the base of Mount Hood, they were in a hotbed for North American windsurfing, snowboarding, skiing, and mountain biking.
The location also helps Dakine maintain its competitive edge by giving the product development team a demanding environment for developing and testing products.

Entering the 1990s, Dakine entered the snowboard and winter glove market, and in 1996, Dakine backpacks unveiled the Dakine Heli Pack, a new standard in minimalist daypacks.

In 2001 Dakine began manufacturing kite boarding accessories, and in 2004 celebrated its 25th anniversary, a long way from that first leash Dakine has grown consistently over its 29-year history. They have exclusive distribution in more than 50 countries including North America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Sales are basically equal for domestic vs. foreign markets.

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