GRIZZLY 852 MODEL 5.01 longboard trucks

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181 mm

Price:62.29 €
19 990 Ft
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Bear Grizzly 5.01 852's

A great all round truck, whether you're commuting, cruising, or going fast down hills. The 5.01 Model Grizzly's are a completely gutted, redesigned version of the already great Bear Grizzly's. All the goods of the 2010's are still here, including the sweet-spot 181mm axle width, flipable hanger for cruising and bombing options, and a baseplate shape/hole pattern to mount to just about any board out there today including drop-through's.

The new stronger and lighter 5.01 design has been fine tuned to fit any standard 24mm diameter bushing on top or bottom with 83a Durometer bushings as standard . The baseplate and hanger turn at 52 degrees whatever setup, but the positive (standard) and negative (flipped) leverage axle placement helps you change your setup from general carving to a stable hill bombing machine in seconds. The new geometry and bushing seats will give you the best combination of lean, rebound, and response possible. The axles are heat treated, so the chance of you bending an axle is greatly reduced.